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98% of Cell Phone repair shops
overpay for POS and Repair Tracking!

CellStore Software was founded in 2013. Our founding team has over 60 years combined experience in cell phone retail and point of sale development. Our first customer was our founder’s own cell shop and since then thousands of cell shops have set up accounts, with hundreds of new accounts created monthly.

Everyday you will find the CellStore team working out of their offices in Toronto, Southern California, and Dhaka. New features and enhancements are released each month. Currently we are focusing on integrations with other platforms in addition to building new features requested by our clients.

We Believe..

Your money is important! STOP overpaying for the tools you need to manage and grow your business. STOP paying more when you add a new employee or add new customers. We’ve created the industries fairest pricing model for you.

About us
About us

Your work in important! Important to your employees, your community, the planet. Your work is so important that we’ve dedicated the past 5 years building the CellStore Software platform and tools for owners just like you!

We believe that your time is important! Running a cell shop the old way will waste too much of your valuable time. You need access to the right information to make decisions that will grow your business. …

About us

We Focus on..

Ease of use. We focus on delivering just the features that you really need! By focusing on what you need you’ll don’t need days of training to get started. It also won’t take a lot of your time training your staff.

About us
About us

Listening to your needs. You control what goes into the software. Everyday we get feature requests from owners and staff that have the potential to make CellStore Software even better. The best requests are added to our product development and become new features that all uses enjoy.

Great support. Believe it or not most repair tracking and point of sale software will not even give you a support phone number to call if you get stuck! Well not with CellStore! All customers get priority service which includes email and phone support!

About us
About us

Value for you. By focusing on ease of use, really listening to your requests, providing industry-class support, all in an easy to afford (and simple to understand) all-inclusive monthly fee we provide the best value to cell phone store owners. Period!

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