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The Cell Phone Retail and Repair Business Opportunity

The cell phone repair market is hot. Despite cellular providers introducing phone leasing and replacement plans, the industry growth in the USA and worldwide remains strong.

  • Growth appears in all studied regions.
  • In all regions, there is no single company with a dominant market share.
  • There are ample opportunties for new entrants and exsiting companies.

In the USA, the cell phone repair industry in 2016 generated $4billion, growing at a 3% rate, and employed 21,000 staff in 7,800 businesses.
Source: Ibis World

Why you don't want to develop a cell phone repair software from scratch

With unlimited time and budget, and with past experience developing robust softeware, I would storngly recommend that you build an internal software team to build-out your franchise cell phone store POS software. This road would allow build a system that exactly meets your requirements with zero compromises.

The problem is that most companies building out cell phone retail and repair franchise systems don't have unlimited time and budget. In most cases they need a robust solution quickly.

To compound your problem, as you grow and evolve your initial requirements are bound to change. Without an experienced software manager these changes could force you to throw away months of code.

Our solution allows you to eliminate the risks, the time, and the large budgets associated with developing a franchise-grade cell phone repair and retail store POS system.

You've got a lot of important things to do!

You probably never thought that creating a cell phone repair franchise would be so complicated. There's the stacks of legal paperwork, complying with federal and local laws, choosing and developing your business model, creating the new franchisor onboarding process and paperwork, building your team, marketing your cellular repair and retail franchise opportunity, and then supporting your franchisees.

Move faster than your competition

Speed of implementation will be a key factor in your franchise business success. By partnering with CellStore Software you get a robust software platform currently supporting hundreds of cell phone repair and retail stores worldwide. You also benefit by working with a tean that deeply understands the cell phone repair market and the needs of retailers in the industry. Above all you get a head start by building on our existing and proven foundation. By utilizing the core CellStore applications you get a solution that is ready to deploy out-of-the-box.

Proven POS Modules For Cell Phone Repair and Retail Franchisees

Reduce your risk by adopting a Point of sale platform that already supports your franchisee's key business activities. With CellStore Software you can customize the your solution without building a solution from scratch.

  1. Repair Tracking
  2. Point of Sale
  3. Inventory Management
  4. Customer Management
  5. Reporting
  6. Process Automation/Workflows
  7. Store Website
  8. Client Communication Tools

Deploy The Software As-It-Is or Have It Costomized

Based on our years of experience, and refined by the hundreds of cell phone repair and retail stores world-wide that use CellStore Software daily to run their shops, we are confidenent that we have the complete feature set you need for your franchise POS. We provide you the opportunity to quickly deploy our solution without customization. We also do software customizations to ensure that the solution meets your requirements.

Areas of customization include:

  • Logos and branding
  • Unique reporting requirements
  • Centrally managed inventory (head office defined SKU's)
  • Tiered / layered user access roles
  • Flexible teritory management
  • Configure local currency, timezones, taxes, more
  • Franchisor management console
  • more

Benefits of CellStore Software for Your Franchise

  • Increase your speed to market
  • Reduce risks associated with developing solution inhouse
  • Eliminate cost of engineering team
  • Receive ongoing updates
  • Lauch with business-tested solution
  • Increase the value you provide to your franchisees
  • Easy to learn. Easy to support
  • Partner with experienced team
  • Customize solution to fit your unique franchise needs
  • Get started today

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