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Getting Started - Account Setup

Quick overview of the account setup process

  • Set currency, time zone, date format
  • Update language (beta).
  • Add company contact info for invoices.
  • Setup invoice details.
  • Setup your local taxes.
(Screenshot: Account Setup page / Settings)

Point of Sale - Basics

Quick overview of the basic POS features

  • Open the Cash Register Module (Point of Sale).
  • Add a customer to a sale.
  • Add a product to the point of sale.
  • Discount or edit a product.
  • Enter payment taken.
  • Complete new sale.
  • Email or print invoice for customer.
  • Find completed sale in customer record.

Repair Ticketing Intro

Quick overview of the main repair ticketing features

  • Find the repairs module.
  • View repairs in different statuses.
  • Create a new ticket.
  • Assign a Technician.
  • The Device Test Checklist.
  • Add parts, labor & products to a repair ticket.
  • Changing repair statuses.
  • Public and private repair notes.
  • Taking payment
  • Completing the repair
(Screenshot: Repair Ticketing screen)

Adding Inventory with Purchase Orders (POs) - Overview

This video provides Cell Phone Shop Owners with an overview of CellStore Software's Purchase Order feature including.

  • Opening the Purchase Order (PO) module.
  • Filtering Purchase Orders by status and supplier.
  • Creating a new Purchase Order.
  • Adding inventory items to the PO
  • Adding PO notes
  • completing a PO

Adding and Managing Users - Overview

This video provides Cell Phone Shop Owners with an overview on adding and managing users who can access their CellStore Software's account.

  • Opening the Manage Users module.
  • View all users.
  • Editing an existing user's permissions.
  • Creating a new user.

Search Tips - Quick Tips

This video provides Cell Phone Shop Owners with tips on how to use the search bar to jump directly into system records including specific invoices generated by the point of sale.

  • Jump directly into completed invoices.
  • Jump directly into completed retair tickets.
  • Jump directly into orders and purchase orders.
  • Jump into a Customer or Supplier record.
  • Jump into a specific IMEI record.

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